Insurance for Tanning Studio / Spray Tanning

In today’s market, some insurance providers are reluctant to offer any insurance cover for Tanning Studios because of the wide publicity and debate over the risks of solarium injury. Not so at Salon Insurance Australia

We know our clients have Liability exposures apart from the solarium risk and we can arrange Liability cover at a very reasonable cost. Like most insurance providers, our insurer will not cover Liability claims relating to the ultra violet effects that solariums have on their users. However other Liability related incidents can be insured. If you would like more information about the cover we provide, please call us.

  • Salon Insurance just made arranging cover for my business really easy. I did speak with a couple of other companies, but the price and cover I got from Salon Insurance was really good
    Day Spa Owner from Melbourne
  • I moved over to Salon Insurance because I like the fact that they specialise in salons and know what insurance cover we need
    Hairdresser from Brisbane
  • I was happy with my current insurer but each year the price kept going up. I called Salon Insurance and ended up saving a few hundred dollars
    Beauty Therapist from Sydney

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