Insurance for Make-Up Artists

Cover for Make-up Artists can range from a standard Liability only policy, to a more complete business package. Whether you operate your make-up business from home, do mobile work, have a commercial studio or share premises with a beauty or hair salon, we can help you decide the level of cover you require. At Salon Insurance Australia we try to make clients aware of their exposures, so that they are able to make an informed decision about the insurance they are arranging.

Make-up artists may have a low exposure to the risk of Liability claims but some customers are all too ready to sue. For example, eye infections or skin reactions may be blamed on mascara being applied incorrectly or on the products that have been used. It could end up costing a fortune in legal expenses for you to defend a claim. There are also the other risks such as a slip and fall claim. No matter how low the risk seems, you should call us for a quote.

  • Salon Insurance just made arranging cover for my business really easy. I did speak with a couple of other companies, but the price and cover I got from Salon Insurance was really good
    Day Spa Owner from Melbourne
  • I moved over to Salon Insurance because I like the fact that they specialise in salons and know what insurance cover we need
    Hairdresser from Brisbane
  • I was happy with my current insurer but each year the price kept going up. I called Salon Insurance and ended up saving a few hundred dollars
    Beauty Therapist from Sydney

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